About Us

Cornerstone Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church. This means that we do not hold membership in any convention or association of churches. The Lord Jesus Christ alone is our Head. In this we follow the example of the churches of the New Testament from the time of the apostles through many centuries to follow. Conventions, unions and associations of churches arose later and sometimes served good purposes, but we believe that they tend to interfere with the local church’s privilege and duty to manage its own ministry under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone Baptist Church accepts the Bible as our sole authority for all matters of faith and practice. The Bible claims perfection for itself, and we accept that claim and believe that the Word of God was without error as it was originally given in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Those who translate the Bible into other languages should exercise great care in order to convey the Word of God to their readers faithfully. We avoid the use of Bible translations which have been produced by those who do not accept the inerrancy of the Bible.

Cornerstone Baptist Church believes and proclaims the biblical doctrines of the historic Christian faith. We believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally, grammatically and historically. Because we hold this position we are among those Christians who are sometimes referred to as fundamentalists.

Cornerstone Baptist Church believes that there is one true God, the Creator, who in the Old Testament revealed Himself as Jehovah. God eternally exists in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, is truly God and truly man, our sin bearer, substitute, sacrifice for sin, Saviour and Lord and our Great High Priest.

Cornerstone Baptist Church believes that salvation by the grace of God and through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is offered in the gospel to all who will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone Baptist Church believes that God wills for every Christian to live righteously and in holiness according to the teachings of the Bible as we are enlightened, empowered and led by the Holy Spirit.

Cornerstone Baptist Church believes that the historic Baptist position accurately reflects the teachings of the Word of God. These Baptist distinctives include salvation by grace through faith alone, baptism of believers by immersion in water, the priesthood of every believer, the autonomy of the local church and the separation of church and state.

Cornerstone Baptist Church’s purpose is to carry out the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, to make disciples and to teach those disciples to obey and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Bible’s teachings. We seek to accomplish this purpose through our ministry in Calgary as well as through our support of missionaries.

For a complete statement of our doctrinal position please refer to our doctrinal statement in "What We Believe."